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Worried about feeling scared at the dentist and missing out on getting a great smile? You’ve probably heard how good dental implants are and want to try them. But, sitting in the dentist’s chair for the surgery sounds really tough. If fear is stopping you, you’re not alone—many people get nervous about dental visits. The good news is, we can help make it easier with dental sedation.

Different Kinds of Dental Sedation

We’re excited to provide a variety of dental sedation choices, from simple local anesthetics to full general sedation. Our qualified team holds the appropriate licenses and qualifications to deliver these sedative options in a secure and soothing setting. Before your procedure with us, we’ll sit down and have a casual conversation to determine the best sedation method for you, ensuring your experience is as positive as possible.

Local Anesthesia

For most of our patients coming in for dental implant surgery, a couple of straightforward local anesthesia injections do the trick. We’ll precisely apply the anesthesia where it’s needed and then wait patiently for it to take effect before we start the procedure.

Oral Sedation

We can offer a prescription for an oral sedative pill to be taken 30 to 60 minutes before your appointment. This medication is designed to ease your anxiety and can also enhance the effectiveness of local anesthesia, especially if you typically have difficulty achieving numbness for dental procedures. It’s important to arrange for a reliable friend or family member to accompany you to and from your appointment, as the sedative’s effects may persist for several hours, so we can ensure you get home safely.

Intravenous Sedation

IV dental sedation works a lot like the sedation you get from a pill, but it lets us manage how long you stay sedated more easily. We give you the sedative through an IV, and it starts working fast. With IV sedation, we can adjust how much you get during each step of your visit to make sure you’re comfortable the whole time.

General Anesthesia (AKA, “sleep dentistry”)

This form of sedation is the deepest, rendering you fully unconscious. You’ll have no memory of the procedure once you wake up. Dr. Craig Misch is fully certified to administer this deep sedation. However, depending on your medical needs, we might recommend undergoing your treatment with general anesthesia at a hospital. Your safety is our top priority.

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation lets us help lots of people who are too scared to get the dental care they need. We think you’ll find, just like many others have, that after trying sedation dentistry here, you’ll say, “that was way easier than I thought!”

The benefits include:

Overcoming Fears with Dental Sedation

Sedation does more than just help you forget the discomfort of dental visits; it can actually help you overcome your fear. Going through sedation dentistry can lead to positive feelings about dental care and make you more comfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair. Each positive visit makes it easier for you to take the next step, until eventually, you might not need sedation at all and can confidently receive the dental care you need.

Watch Your Appointment Time Fly By

Even if dental anxiety isn’t usually a problem for you, choosing sedation can make longer appointments, where multiple treatments are done, much more manageable. Some patients prefer to be sedated to comfortably sleep through the several hours needed to complete all their dental work in a single visit. This is particularly the case with IV sedation; it can make it feel like only two minutes have gone by, even if it’s been two hours.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Treatment

If local anesthetic injections don’t numb you effectively, or if you have a sensitive gag reflex or experience restless leg syndrome, sedation can simplify the process, making it more comfortable for you to undergo treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental sedation is widely considered to be safe because it is administered by professionals who are trained, skilled, and licensed. However, it might not be safe for everyone. That’s why we have a consultation with you to look over your dental and medical history. This helps us decide if sedation dentistry is a good fit for you at our clinic.

Being under sedation typically leads to a quick onset of relaxation and sleepiness. You might also feel a tingling in your arms and legs. The depth of your sedation and how it personally affects you can vary, meaning you might remember little or nothing at all about your procedure afterwards.

There’s no need to be concerned about being “put to sleep” unless you’re undergoing a procedure that requires general anesthesia, which is quite rare. The majority of dental sedation techniques are designed to help you relax while keeping you awake and aware.

Absolutely, whenever sedation is part of your dental appointment, we strongly recommend having someone you trust take you home afterwards. Driving isn’t safe if you’re still feeling the effects of sedation, which can last longer than you might anticipate. It’s also not a good idea to use public transportation alone when you’re in a sedated state. Having a friend or family member with you ensures you get home safely and have a chance to fully recover before you go back to your usual activities.

You’ll usually start feeling like yourself again 2 to 8 hours after your dental visit. It’s a smart idea to take the whole day off, though, so you can relax and make sure you’re totally back to normal before doing your regular things.

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